Introduction to Topic Maps

I was made aware today of a recent introduction to Topic Maps, and figured I would share it with some of those who likely have had no contact with this technology. Topic Maps are one candidate for the system to be used in a putative xMod knowledge representation component.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Topic Maps

  1. I note with grave (but unsurprised) disappointment that WordPress does not want to allow me to have a type attribute on my link, specifying the content type of the referenced resource (it’s a PDF, you see). Saving the post after adding the attribute results in it silently stripping it.

    This is not how you build good tools, people! You don’t get to ignore the bits of section 12.2 of the HTML 4.01 spec that you don’t care about, and then say that your system is elegant and well-architectured. Clearly the community WordPress is by and for does not include technical people. Hmph.

    Is there a parallel here with digital humanities? Who can say.

  2. I just noticed this comment. Ouch. This must be a feature of the WordPress web service, because I’m pretty sure that WP sites that I’ve hosted on a local server have saved @type and other microformats attributes quite happily.

    I’ve never been a fan of rich text editors, however. They all seem to know what you want better than you do.

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