Bookmarking interesting DH projects..

I just found out that wordpress makes available a bookmarklet (called Press this) that will let you post to the blog almost instantaneously from your web browser. You can find it by logging into the dashboard and clicking on the ‘tools’ section.

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 10.19.34.png

I thought we could use it as a handy way to ‘bookmark’ DH projects we find online, for discussion purposes, or even just to build some sort of repository of inspiring DH stuff. What do you think?

I added a new category ‘DH projects‘ to the blog, and will be adding something I found online straightaway!

3 thoughts on “Bookmarking interesting DH projects..

  1. Yes, this looks like a cool idea, Michele. We could make it a practice to try to write a brief review of some online DH projects (with a view to exploring bigger issues, rather than just picking on our colleagues).

    Would it be an idea to start with a couple of us taking a quick look at the public-facing websites of a CCH project or two that we’ve personally had nothing to do with?

  2. Yeah I definitely agree on avoiding gratuitous slashing attacks to colleagues and competitors 🙂 But at the same time, I prefer honest criticism to affected and ‘polite’ comments that try not to cross anybody!
    About reviewing CCH’s websites, sounds good to me…

  3. Oh absolutely. A review should always be honest and unflinching, but it should also always be constructive and balanced. If a site is a complete pile of crap, it’s probably not interesting enough to review–anything interesting will have some praiseworthy features as well as some room for improvement. I’m certainly not suggesting we pull our punches.

    However the point I was trying to make was rather that simply reviewing individual websites and projects is probably less interesting (to me) than a general discussion of some of the issues that such a review might raise. We could spin off into a more general discussion about linked data, for example, while making it clear that we’re no longer talking specifically, or at all, about the project we started out by reviewing.

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