There are a number of events upcoming in January that’ll be of interest to any London-based readers. I wish some of these had crossed my transom earlier: evidently this is what I get for only checking my Twitter feed on holidays.

Anyway, in chronological order:

  • The good folks at the British Museum are hosting a study day on Cultural heritage and the semantic web on Thursday, 13 January. It runs from 09.15 – 15.30, so it should be pretty meaty. Tickets are free, and can be booked through the day’s page at
  • The Royal Opera House (!) is sponsoring a pair of Culture Hack Days the 15th and 16th of January. What exactly is going on here is a bit mysterious—the Google Group hasn’t been updated in ages—but if you click on a bunch of links on their home page, maybe you’ll find out.
  • The weekend after that (January 22nd and 23rd) The Guardian is sponsoring a History Hack Day. This one looks serious—details at—and I literally cannot wait.

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