Topic Maps with Django

As part of a rewrite of the Entity Authority Tool Set, I have written an implementation of the Topic Maps API in Django, cunningly titled TMAPI in Django.

As it stands, it passes its 288 unit tests, but has no UI, since I only need it for the internal use of EATS. It would of course be useful to have both a visualisation and an editing interface added to it, but I won’t be doing it any time soon without some inducement.

I mention it here as a spur to encourage CCH (and anyone else in the DH community) to start seriously working with these sorts of technologies.

6 thoughts on “Topic Maps with Django

  1. Hi there,

    It would be nice if you add a hint to your app that merge_utils, copy_utils and signature was taken/ported from tinyTiM (Apache License 2.0) since it is almost a verbatim copy of my code.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Yes indeed! I haven’t done so yet (nor acknowledged directly that the vast majority of the tests are a port of those that come with the TMAPI distribution) due to being entirely unsure how best (or rightly) to do this. For example, I don’t know whether section 4c of the Apache License 2.0 would be satisfied by specifying in the appropriate files “Copyright 2008 – 2010 Lars Heuer (heuer[at]”, or whether more is needed. I shall investigate this; in the meantime, I’ll add notices to the relevant files.

    My apologies for not sorting this out before linking to the code — it’s certainly not my intent to hide the fact that I have included the work of others!

    1. The project is now licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and includes the copyright line from the tinyTiM files that I ported (on those files). It’s not clear to me whether there is anything more I should be doing.

      1. A single line comment in the code like “# Taken from tinyTiM licensed under …” would have been enough for me, but your solution works for me, too. 🙂 Thanks.

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