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DH2014: DigiPal Poster

DH2014 Poster

The DigiPal project team presented this poster at DH2014 (for a full-size version see the DigiPal website). I’m happy to say that it attracted a lot of positive interest, with discussions including its current and (shortly) planned use on Latin, Hebrew and Greek alphabets, as well as decoration, in manuscripts, inscriptions and coins; potential applications to Indic scripts (possible but challenging) and Cuneiform (certainly possible); and even a member of the Unicode consortium expressing interest in our model for handwriting. There was also a lot of interest from people working in Computer Vision, especially now that our RESTful API allows anyone to harvest images of letters, complete with their annotations, for use as training material for machine learning. I look forward to seeing these uses after the project ends in six weeks or so, and my personal thanks goes to the whole DigiPal team for all the outstanding work they have done to make it possible.