This blog is for professional and academic reflection on the Digital Humanities, construed in its widest possible sense.* Most of the authors and administrators of this site are associated in some way with the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London (staff, former staff, project partners) but, and although DDH also hosts this site, it is not an official mouthpiece of the Department or of the College; opinions expressed are those of the authors and should in no way be taken as representing those of the DDH as a whole or of its other members.

We want to promote an open, constructive and transparent online debate about everything that DH practitioners think is relevant to the various aspects of the discipline. For this reason, the administrators will never censor or edit academic and relevant posts or comments. (Obviously spam and such irrelevant material will be deleted as a matter of course.) However we do expect that all contributors will follow the usual etiquette of online discourse: no personal attacks, defamation, etc.

* For definitions of Digital Humanities as a discipline area, see Wikipedia, ADHO about or the DDH definition1 definition2.