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Digital Humanities – under the hood

DDH has been undertaking a major infrastructure project – a complete server renewal – over the past few months which we’re just about to complete, and we thought it might be interesting to say a bit more about the project, and the way in which we run our server infrastructure.

Once this work is complete – and the migration from old infrastructure to new is now underway (hooray!) – we will have a robust, resiliant and high performance development environment and platform for hosting our web-based projects which will last us for a full five years, with a sustainability and replacement plan taking us well into the future. It’s taken us a while to get here – as well as the support of College and a fair bit of creative thinking all round – but we now have the flexibility to support and sustain projects of all sizes. ¬†We have modest annual costs associated with the collocation of our servers but our sustainability planning covers this, and otherwise we’re self-sufficient, and this is a great place for a department like ours to be.

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