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This category comprises projects in the DH world that we run into, maybe like, or think are at least worthwhile pointing out for discussion.

Collaborative projects in DH

On Monday I had to prepare a class on collaboration in Digital Humanities, and while I was browsing here and there to find some example of collaborative DH project, I ended up in this very useful blog entry by Lisa Spiro. It is a blog entry, yes, but it is as good as an article.

The entry, you will see by yourself, not only lists loads of collaborative projects, but attempt a classification of them. I think this is the only example I have seen so far of a classification of DH collaborative project and I find it very well done. I thought it might have been useful for someone else beside me!

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War.

From wikipedia:

The Valley of the Shadow is a digital history project hosted by the University of Virginia detailing the experiences of Confederate soldiers from Augusta County, Virginia and Union soldiers from Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It is considered one of the most impressive uses of new technology in representing history. […] The Valley of the Shadows project is a great start to beginning to understand the personal side of the nations shared history.

The website is clearly dated, but I found quite interesting the non-linear approach to the representation of history.

When we build historical databases we often end up imposing the relational DB ‘way’ of doing things to the historical discipline, even at the visualization level – so for example everything gets displayed using tabular formats or similar. Is there an alternative to this? Can we represent more faithfully the discourse of a discipline?

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