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Seminar: the National Archives Online

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Last Thursday (8th March), as part of the New Direction in the DH seminar we hosted a very interesting talk by Emma Bayne and Ruth Roberts about the most recent digital developments of the National Archives online presence.

Discovery and the Digital Challenge

Emma Bayne and Ruth Roberts talked about the changes to the National Archives online services. This includes the development of a new service – the Discovery Service. This is based on a new architecture and allows improved access to the National Archives Catalogue and digitised material. Features include a new taxonomy-based search and an API to allow bulk downloads of data.
They also discussed about some of the challenges facing the National Archives in delivering large quantities of digital images of records online – moving from a gigabyte scale to a petabyte scale in a short period of time.

Recording of the seminar:

If you’re interested you can listen again to the seminar (~1hr) by clicking here.

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